IBM Mainframe

Mainframe Programming Languages

Assembler Language Programming Introduction (5 days)

Assembler Language Programming Advanced (5 days)

PL/I Applications Programming Introduction (5 days)

PL/I Applications Programming Advanced (5 days)
SAS Programming (available for Mainframe and PC) (3 days)
SAS Fundamentals (available for Mainframe and PC) (1/2 day)
SAS File Manipulation (available for Mainframe and PC) (1 day)

SAS Graphing (available for Mainframe and PC) (1 day)
FOCUS Report Writing Fundamentals (3 days)
FOCUS Report Writing Advanced (2 days)
Easytrieve Plus Introduction (2 days)
Easytrieve Plus Advanced (2 days)

Programming Aids & Utilities

Xpediter Workshop (1 day)

Xpediter IMS (1 day)
SyncSort (2 days)
File-AID (1 day)
Using File Manager for z/OS (2 days)
TSO/E CLIST Programming (3 days)
z/OS REXX Programming (3 days)
ISPF Dialog Manager (3 days)

Introduction CA 1 (2 days)

CA-1 for JCL users (1 day)
Using CA 11 (1day)
Introduction to CA- ACF2 (1/2 day)
CA- ACF2 Administration (4 days)

CA- ACF Administration (Basics) (2 days)

CA- AutoSys Workload Automation r11.3 Upgrade Readiness (3 days)

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