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Perhaps your company has a significant investment in proprietary software. Poor training - or worse yet no training at all - can turn a technological masterpiece into a business disaster. Don't let that happen to you. Caliber Data Training can develop and deliver custom courseware for your new and existing applications.

Do you have in-house software packages which are like no other packages in the world?

How do you train new employees to be productive? One Caliber client uses proprietary software which has been developed over a ten year period to provide services to its clients . The training materials were never updated. Many hours of a new employee’s time were wasted as they fumbled with trying to learn their primary work tool. Caliber worked with the product and the company’s employees to develop and teach a specialized course for them. Productivity soared for new employees and even existing employees who attended the class.

Have you tried to install an off-the-shelf software package like ChangeMan?

Usually ChangeMan requires a lot of customization to integrate it into present testing and migration methods. A standard course is a good start but leaves the student with many questions on “How do we do it here?” Caliber has helped a major financial institution develop customized ChangeMan course materials and teach it. We became an essential part of the process management team.

When you teach project management, do you want your employees to learn how projects are developed within your methodology?

Caliber has assisted clients in developing custom course materials for project management courses which are integrated with the company’s systems development methodology. These companies applauded PMI’s efforts to support a body of knowledge as it relates to project management. But, given the limits of time and money, our clients insisted that their employees know how project management should be performed at their companies. You only have so much time to train employees. Why not use their time to the company’s best advantage.

When you use off-the-shelf productivity tools like SAS or SyncSort, or do you use only certain features?

Caliber helped a client train a large number of students to learn exactly what they needed to know using examples from their work environment. Training was performed in a series of one and two day classes. Management reported that they are getting more work done with the same number of people. As their business grows and they hire more employees, Caliber will train those employees to make them productive as quickly as possible.

Leave the training to us and let your programmers do what they do best. We can tweak our existing courses or develop new courses for your work environment.

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